What's the plan?

It's hard to think much after you've eaten a breakfast like that, and when we retreated back to the house to come up with a new plan, most of us began to fall into food coma. And if the food didn't make you a little lethargic, the Bloody Marys certainly did.

Finally, hours later, we decided to go play laser tag, which actually required us to move a little bit and woke a few of us up. When our game ended, we cleaned up a bit and headed out to Ski Shores Waterfront Café for our evening meal.

As if our breakfast wasn't enough to clog our arteries. Sure, there are a few things on the menu that you might be able to call semi-healthy. Maybe. But it's hard to resist the deep-fried stuffed jalapeños when they're passed around the table. I should have eaten lighter, but I ordered the catfish basket, and it was all I hoped it would be. The fried okra was a little overdone, but all was forgiven when the cook suddenly came out of the kitchen, stripped down to his swim trunks, and jumped in the lake to cool off. How could you not be charmed?

The beer was pretty cheap and very cold, and there was a little guitar blues combo that played, which was unobtrusive and nice. I didn't catch the name, but they're there every Sunday night. We watched the sunset to the west and the reflections on the lake to the east. It was a nice way to wind down.

Ski Shores closes at nine, so we drove back into town and had our last round of cocktails out on the patio Chuck built. It was a fine day.

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