A Sunday chock full of fried foods.

The original plan for this Sunday had been to go Hamilton Pool, a really great swimming hole that's a bit outside of Austin, and celebrate Chuck's impending birthday. Five folks had come in from Houston for this event, arriving on Saturday night, and four locals planned to make the trip as well. At about 2 a.m. on Saturday morning we made the decision to meet at Dan's Hamburgers on Manchaca Road at 9 a.m. and then to head out to Hamilton Pool after breakfast.

I didn't really think this would happen as planned, because, as whole, this was a group of late sleepers. Oddly enough, everyone had made it to Dan's nearly on time. We all kept staring at each other incredulously and looking at our watches in amazement.

In case you didn't already know this, Dan's Hamburgers has one of the best breakfasts in Austin ... if not the very best. It's good old-fashioned diner-style food, hash browns, eggs-any-style, biscuits, pancakes, grits. Lots of things fried on a griddle, lots of stuff made with real butter. Eggs over easy that are always perfect, good coffee, and always good service. I love it, and I force all out-of-town guests to eat there at least once on every visit. Perhaps it's not the healthiest breakfast we could have indulged in, but sometimes you've just gotta have gravy. Besides, it was only $61.54 for all nine of us, and we had plenty to eat.

I had come to Dan's bearing bad news, however: I'd called before breakfast, and I'd found out there was no swimming at Hamilton Pool that Sunday. The pool is a pretty fragile ecosystem, and swimming is only allowed when particular bacterial levels are within a certain range (I think this is true; maybe you shouldn't quote me on this). Anyway, we couldn't go swimming, and, besides, it was actually a little rainy. We were going to have to regroup.

Regrouping is harder than you'd think.

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