Back at work ...

It's my first day back at work after a ten-day vacation. Here's how it's going for me so far:

After reading through the 393 e-mails that had accumulated in my inbox, I find that I have some homework ahead of me -- lots of documentation to read and catch up on. The documents I have to review are pretty hefty, and it would be better if I have paper copies of them (sorry if you environmentalists in the audience find this offensive, but I've never been able to rely on my eyes enough to peruse large documents on a computer screen). So I print them out, but I really want to put them in a binder, because I'm going to need to keep referring to them for some time.

But the only binders on the third floor where I work seem to be the three-inch kind, which is much more binder than I need. I decide I'll go down to the first floor and pick up a one-inch binder out of the big supply closet, but first I think to try to get together some receipts and paperwork I need to fix a little problem I'm having with an expense report, since I have to take that stuff to a woman who works on the first floor as well. I also need to write a check for some money I owe to my company (I FedEx-ed a Mother's Day gift using our corporate account, because I was in a hurry) and put that in interoffice mail, the box for which is also on the first floor, so I think, hey, I'll do all three of these things at once.

So I get together all the stuff for the expense report and go downstairs. When I get there, the woman who deals with the expense reports isn't there -- she's in a meeting. There's a guy sitting in her desk that I don't recognize, and he tells me this. I leave the paperwork in her box, and immediately go back upstairs.

When I get upstairs I realize that I didn't look for a binder. Which is fine, of course, because I forgot to write the check for the FedEx anyway. So I sit down, write the check, and then go back downstairs to put the check in the interoffice mail.

But when I get down to the first floor and pick up the special interoffice mail envelope I realize I have no recollection of who I'm supposed to send the check to, so I have to go back upstairs and look at the e-mail again. Then I come back downstairs, put the check in the envelope, write the appropriate name on it and put in the box. And then I go back and get in the elevator …

But suddenly I remember the supply closet. I jump out of the elevator and go to the closet, but I can't remember what I'm looking for. I stare and stare, and then I see --

Binders. A big stack of them. But only the three-inch kind. Apparently, we're out of one-inch binders. It doesn't matter. I'll just use binder clips.

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