Ellen goes to the Firestone

So, I go down to the Firestone, right, at about 11:30 a.m. to drop my truck off for an oil change, and my plan is to walk back to the office, but ... it's kind of sprinkly and extremely humid because of this tropical storm, so I think, hey, maybe what I'll do is catch the new free Orange 'Dillo bus that runs up and down South Congress Ave. Cool, fun, free. Right?

So, instead of walking the five blocks north to my office, I walk one block south to the bus stop, thinking, hey, this will be quick, easier, and more pleasant. I don't know how much you know about South Congress, but this is the bus stop at Riverside, right in front of the Pinky's Pagers place. It's big and covered, and there are two benches. And, sitting at the bus stop at that moment are about five homeless folks, a couple of women and three men, all drinking beer. They are not waiting on the bus, they're just having a drink. And all of them are focused on this one woman, trying to get her to go around the corner and take a shower at this place where people can shower for free. And I'm standing there, and here comes the Number One bus -- not free, but I have a ticket so it would only cost me 25 cents. However, I don't get on, because I'm going to wait for the new 'Dillo.

Now I'm still waiting, and these people are all talking to this woman about taking a shower but she won't go, because she's afraid she's going to miss something, or someone, or whatever, she just won't go. And everybody else is standing around her, and saying things, like, "No, no; don't you just want to go and clean that up a little?"

And finally I look, of course ... (more)

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