(at the Firestone ... )

And finally I look, of course, because I can't stop myself from looking, and it's a problem with her foot. She's barefoot, and her toes are really mangled looking. I think they're ingrown toenails, because there is pus everywhere and they're scabby, but it could have been some sort of injury. I couldn't tell. I didn't want to look too hard and or too close.

Then the other woman in the group starts gagging, loudly, and throws up. She starts saying, "Why am I getting sick? I never get sick this early in the day?" She's saying it over and over, and the other woman is saying, "It's because you're drinking too fast." She stops gagging for a minute, and starts drinking again, and then starts gagging again, and says, "Why am I getting sick? It's too early!"

And at this point I'm kind off backing away from the covered part of the bus stop and toward the sidewalk, and there's another woman standing there who has just arrived. She's clean and shiny and shaking her head, and we talk a bit. She rides the bus everyday, but this bus stop is always like this, too much action. Not only that, but, she says, this new Orange 'Dillo almost never comes, it's worthless if you just want to ride to lunch, you would waste most of your lunch hour. She's riding downtown to the tony Shoreline Grill, only one stop away. But she's in heels, and besides, it's so humid and it seems like it could rain at any second.

Then another Number One bus shows up and I pull out a ticket and get on with the woman who is only going one stop. The new Orange 'Dillo never showed.

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