Scenes from the breakroom.

I took these today, in the breakroom one door down from my office.

See that Milam Design coffee cup on the right? It's been in the sink with crap floating in it since the day I moved into this office -- well over a month ago.

There's a book in this dish drainer. There's also a couple of Nerf guns sitting beside it, and a tape dispenser. There's a slightly crushed paper cup sitting in the drainer, as though somebody might be thinking they'll reuse it. The silver tray behind the drainer is a flimsy disposable one. This dish drainer also contains the only really useful kitchen tools we have on this floor: a really big knife and an ice cream scoop. We used to have two really big knives, but I haven't seen the other one in a while.

This is our water cooler. The stuff in the drip catcher isn't mold, I don't think; it looks like it's just some nasty old food that got dumped in there somehow. Maybe I'm wrong -- I guess it could be mold.

2000 E.V. Hobbs

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