The best public restroom ever. I mean it.


I was at a work party the other night and it was suggested we go have after-dinner drinks at Donn's Depot, just east of MoPac on West Fifth. I'd never been there, but couple of women who went with us said that it was a super idea, especially because the women's bathroom was really great.

A really great bathroom? I don't think I've ever been in a public restroom that I would call "really great," especially in a bar. About the best thing I've ever been able to say about a bar restroom is that it wasn't particularly awful. As long as there's not sludgy water standing on the floor, I'm usually tolerant, though never terribly excited.

But now I have been to the women's restroom at Donn's Depot, and I have to agree with my friends that it is a really great restroom. It is, in fact, the best bar restroom I've ever been in, and even the best public restroom in general. If there were a contest for "World's Greatest Restroom," I'd pay the entry fee to get the Donn's women's room in the running.

You can tell from the outside that Donn's Depot is partially constructed from old train cars, and if you go around back, you can see the red caboose that has been converted into the women's restroom. Inside the restroom, the bizarre carpeting and garish colors only partially hide the evidence that you're in an old caboose. A ladder allows you to climb up into a sitting area where you can pull back the curtains and spy on the dancers and bands over the roof of the train car.

Us girls couldn't keep this secret to ourselves, and we invited the boys in to look, too. They were a little miffed: The men's room, apparently, is little more than a "broom closet with a urinal in it," according to their reports.

Donn's was a fun place in general, too; the band was good, the beer was cold, and the wallpaper was fuzzy. And I drank with real gusto, looking forward to my next trip to the restroom.

© 2000 E.V. Hobbs

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