What's up with the scary wallpaper, anyway?

One of the cool things about having a web page is that you can, at least to some extent, see how people ended up getting to your site. Cliché Ideas recently started popping up in Metacrawler and Google searches, and what follows is a list of the searches that have led people to visit my page. Several of them have come up multiple times, so I've put the number of hits from identical searches in parenthesis.

TigerMarket (2)
preserved plum
trophy's sports bar
weeping icon
pub and redondo
austin reviews
cheap hotel pictures
blanco weeping icon
ladies bathroom cameras
cowboy boots
Sweeny High School, Sweeny, Texas
tom mix museum
scary wallpaper (4)
funky nude men
ingrown toenails
circleville texas
hello boss
weeping icon blanco texas
electronic dartboard (3)
concrete animals texas
soft fur (2)
Antique gas stations
adam's family pinball
pinky's pagers
trophy's austin
"dog boy" (2)
manor downs racetrack
"horseshoe lounge"
wearing boots to work
Pawhuska, Oklahoma
nude men bathroom
masonic paraphernalia
chocolate meringue pie
drinking sessions
texas pub crawl
pool table
wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (2)
Coconut Grove fire
metal suitcases

Okay, so, really ... Could someone explain to me about the soft fur and the scary wallpaper? Anybody?

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