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It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision, but it was a good one. Last night Jennifer and I went to Peter Pan Mini Golf.

For eight bucks apiece (actually, Jen paid my way) we both got sodas and 36 holes of miniature golf, as long as we promised to hit nothing with the golf clubs except for the balls. This has been a big enough problem in the past that they actually have had to put up some signage warning folks that clubbing people, statuary or cars will get you expelled from the course.

It was weird how much this golf course reminded me of The Orange Show where I was less than two weeks ago. I feel like some bizarre force is drawing me into all these situations with outsider art. I gotta say that there's very little difference between the The Orange Show and the golf course, except that the golf course is a little less visually busy. You even get the impression that the folks who built Peter Pan Mini Golf might have been a little artistic themselves, in that maybe-artists-are-a-little-crazy sort of way.

If you go to Peter Pan Mini Golf and you only play 18 holes, I recommend that you play the East Course. The West Course has fewer cool animals and things (the big rabbit is on the West Course, but you end up standing right next to him when you play the 13th-ish hole on the East Course, so that's just as good) and it also has far too many holes where you putt your ball into something and it ends up somewhere else. For example, you hit your ball under a castle, and it comes out on a green below you; you hit it into a whale's mouth and it comes out his ass .... I know that sounds really interesting, but once your ball has gotten stuck in these contraptions a couple of times, and you've had to fish it out blindly with your club, or, worse yet, your hand, it just doesn't seem so cool anymore.

Oh, yeah; if you go, bring Off!

There's only one thing I regret about our trip to play mini golf; I meant to buy a snowcone before I left, and I forgot. I guess I'll have to go back.

(If you live in Austin and are rarin' to go, Peter Pan Mini Golf is near the corner of Barton Springs Road and South Lamar, just past the McDonald's, and it isn't open when it's raining.)

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