The Orange: A Great Gift to Mankind

Clowns never lie.

Thanks. I forgot my watch.

Lori and Matthew wonder why I've brought them here.

"He looked just like a teenager, just like a little bitty boy, so I called him Santa's son."

We couldn't figure out what the show was, but then we read this: "We'll put on a show with this steamboat. I'll have minature bales of cotton for cargo and a ... man sitting on the bales of cotton -- dolls you understand ... and they will fire a cannon ... I've got a monkey that runs by battery and he'll clap his hands. I've also got some frogs that run by batteries. We'll stop the boat and let folks watch the frogs perform. They're not real, but people will think they're real. They won't be able to tell the difference."

Matthew waits for the frog and monkey show.

Why can't we be like that wise old bird?


Hold on!

Lori at the topmost, and by far warmest, point of The Orange Show.

© 2000 E.V. Hobbs

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