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Northampton, Massachusetts

In Northampton we stayed at Shingle Hill Bed and Breakfast. Here there were goats. We also really started seeing some foliage around here.

The house:

The grounds:

The goats:

And some fall color:

One morning getting coffee we stumbled onto the Northampton Pulaski Day Parade:

Outside Northampton -- not to far -- we visited Atkins Farms, and unbelievably popular farmstand and grocery store where we bought lots of maple sugar products and honey. We saw many many pumpkins there, and they were having a scarecrow making event.

They also sold sushi here. That's what we had for lunch. Here's Kyre and her miso soup:

Another fairly quick trip out of Northampton was to the Book Mill in Montague. It's a used bookstore in an old mill, and its slogan is "Books you don't need in a place you can't find."

The Book Mill is where we learned to use the self timer on the camera.

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