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Historic Deerfield

On one of our Northampton afternoons we drove out to Historic Deerfield, which is actually different than regular Deerfield. Regular Deerfield was dominated by the biggest Yankee Candle company I'd ever seen. Historic Deerfield is actually a group of homes that are part of a museum dedicated to preserving the culture of early New England. We visited one home, and took a wander down their farm trail through a working dairy.

A couple of buildings in Historic Deerfield:

Goats eating pumpkins on the dairy farm:

This was supposed to be a pastoral shot of a cow laying in the sun, but she got up.

At the old burying ground:

This last one is a memorial to people who died in an attack by natives in 1704. It was such a convincing attack that, for awhile, the town was abandoned. But the pluck settlers returned eventually.

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