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Historic Deerfield

The final days of our trip were spent in the Berkeshires. We stayed at Race Brook Lodge, which is near Sheffield and Great Barrington. It was near a lot of little towns, actually. I never really did get used to how close together all the little towns were -- I'm used to Texas where all there's a good distance between everything.

We spent a lot of time in Great Barrington, where there was fun shopping and good restaurants. The skys were a little gray our first day.

Thanks, Celia, for lending the car!

I wanted the lampshade in this store window:

And, of course, we went to Friendly's, where we had mammoth Reese's Peanut Butter Cup sundaes with mint chocolate chip ice cream and extra peanut butter sauce.

We continued to see lots of farm stands with pumpkins and gourds.

The countryside near Bartholemew's Cobble and the Hoosac River:

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