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Sure, I still heart Cliché Ideas, but if you're not my friend on Facebook or a follower on Twitter and you want to really catch up with me, try my Tumblr site.

For a while after I moved to San Francisco, I blogged here.

So you wanna find stuff on Cliché Ideas? This is the place to find it. Click through the links to dig through the archives of the original site, find stuff hosted by Cliché Ideas that never used to be listed on the home page, and new and exciting things as the site grows. Wow, I bet you just can't wait to get started.'s Phone Number - Looking for's customer service number on their website? Well, you won't find it there. But you'll find it here. (Yep, e-Bay and PayPal numbers are on this page too!)

Christian Regenhard Memorial - Kyre Osborn's pages honoring and celebrating the life of her friend Christian Regenhard, a New York City firefighter who lost his life on Sept. 11, 2001.

My Tribute To Cronkite - Pictures of my dog Cronkite, who was with me for 14 brief years. He was a good dog.

The Snapshot Galleries - I love taking pictures. I can't say I'm a photographer, but I love taking pictures. Here's where I keeping my most recent collections of snaps. Lotsa Lomos here.

The Blog - For a while, the entry page of Cliché Ideas was a webblog. That's a new and original idea, yes?

The South Austin Pubcrawls - We've crawled rather infrequently of late, but that doesn't take any of the beauty away from these bar reviews.

The Perplexing Roll 'Em Game - I'm looking for information from anybody who can shed more light on this game or its creator.

The Enormous Heads of Presidents - I literally stumbled on this collection of huge heads on a trip to Houston. Now you can trip with me.

Is it art, or was he crazy? - That question has to roll around in the mind of every visitor to The Orange Show. And I suspect I know what most people think the answer is.

Peter Pan Mini Golf - This place is either every kid's dream or their nightmare. Sometimes that big rabbit keeps me up at night.

The Best Bathroom in the World - It is, no kidding.

The Original Cliché Ideas Archive - Here's where you can find all your old favorites from the website. We can never escape our past.

My Pride Parade Page - A collection of links, stories and e-mails that do a pretty good job of explaining why some lesbians and gay men protested the Gay Pride Parade in Austin, and while might protest it again.

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